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Random Animal Facts to Explore and Have Fun With

It’s hard to say what it is about animals that makes them lovable. Is it their cute looks or just the way they make us react to them? In any case, there are so many facts about animals that are worth knowing and enjoying. And you’ll love the fact that the emotional connections we have with them are real and backed by science.

When humans connect to animals, a part of their brain called amygdala is at work. The amygdala processes emotions, emotional learning and memory formation, so scientists believe that our natural appreciation for animals comes from an ancient need to determine whether these animals are friends or foes. More interestingly, animals are said to have the same reaction to us.

The following are some fun and exciting facts about animals:

Even with a physical advantage, male puppies instinctively let female puppies win during play.

Pebbles are used by gentoo penguins when proposing to their lifemates.

Squirrels always forget where they bury their acorns, so the result is thousands of new trees planted each year.

Killing a panda is punishable by death in China.

In Sweden, there is a rabbit-jumping competition called Kaninhoppning.

Pig orgasms last half an hour.

Dolphins give pet names to each other.

If you tickle a rat, it will laugh.

Oysters switch genders, depending on mating requirements.

Elephants are elephant shrews’ closest relatives, not shrews.

Puffins spend their entire lives mating. They build their homes on the sides of cliffs and leave room for their toilet.

Research shows cows make more milk while listening to relaxing music. They produce the most when REM’s “Everybody Hurts” is played in the background.

There is a program that requires prison inmates to raise and train seeing-eye dogs. According to their own accounts, working with the puppies felt like an atonement for their crimes.

When traveling in groups, seahorses hold their companions’ tails.

Through a system of sounds, chicks are able to communicate with one another before they hatch.

Like human fingerprints, dog nose prints are unique and can be used to identify them.

Crows are an intelligent specie that can also be naughty – they play pranks on each other.

Not only humans have accents – even goats do!

Turritopsis nutricula, or the immortal jellyfish is the only known specie that lives forever.

Houseflies always hum in the F key.

Male ostriches can have a roar as fierce as that of lions.

The stripes on a tiger’s skin are unique (just like our fingerprints and dogs’ noseprints) and can also be used for identification purposes.

Indeed, we have a more vibrant and exciting world with animals around!

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