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This is All You Need to Know When Constructing Window Wells

The ability of man to make decent housing for himself is one thing that separates him from the rest of the living creatures. The only concern, however, has become getting sufficient space in the homes we build. To try and curb this shortage of space, man has been involved in all renovation and house designs. Adequate space in homes has been created by people by conducting reconstructions on the basements sections of the buildings. Compared to the construction of a new extra room, basement renovation is very cheap.

It is not ideal to live in basements due to the fact that they are made under the ground level, they are cold and also dark. But the need for space has seen man invent new ways of making basements good for living. This has been made possible by the construction of window wells. A window well is a construction made like a well outside the windows of basement rooms. If your house has a basement, here are a few things you need to know before constructing a window well.

According to the building codes, window wells must be constructed due to rise of risks and dangers such as burglary, fires and natural disasters like earthquakes. This means that you must have window wells in place if your house has basements. Safety, therefore, becomes the first thing you need to consider in the construction of window wells. Ensure your window well allows for easy exit. Inclusion of walking stairs or having the window well made in a slanting design are some ways of ensuring quick exit. Whichever way you chose to make your window well usable for exit, remember to make it safe for the users.

Another thing is that you have to ensure your window well is both beautiful and allows in enough light. To allow for more light and beauty, window wells will be made from shiny materials or painted in bright colors. On the window wells, you may also add decorations. The distance of the well from the window is something else that may also affect the amount of light to your basement. A window well close to the window allows less light than that a few inches further from the window.

Another very crucial thing about window wells you need to consider is the drainage. Bearing in mind a window well is constructed below the ground level, a poorly constructed window well may turn into a really well by holding water. You, therefore, need to have drainage plan in mind before you even construct the window well. Water drainage from the well may be done by use of shallow trenches or have the base of the window well well-constructed to allow for rapid water drainage.

The Ultimate Guide to Resources

The Ultimate Guide to Resources