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Lowell Janitorial Services: Learn Effective Ways to Make Office Cleaning Fun

Office cleaning is not always an exciting thing to do most especially in a workplace, but you still need to encourage your employee’s handful of employees to do the job most especially if you don’t have janitorial cleaning service available. Keep your employees’ morale levels high by making cleaning time an exciting and an activity they always want to look forward to. An office or workplace that is clean and span invites more customers and increase the morale of your employees.

Setting up a cleaning rewards system in the office will encourage your employees to pick up during their free time. You can team up your employees or assign points to different duties around the office, and have them log a sheet to list their cleaning tasks throughout the day. The team or person with the most points at the end of the week gets a special prize such as a gift certificate for online shopping, a free lunch, a free movie ticket, or an extra hours of pay. Be also firm with your rules like imposing a no going home policy not until all chores are done for the day. Remind your employees through a motivational cleaning meeting is a good idea, be a good example to your employees by keeping your own personal workspace clean at all times, and not leaving any food or trash lying around the breakroom. It is nice to offer rewards to those employees who are doing the kind of job you want to be done on a regular basis without them being asked to do so, by allowing an employee to leave 15 minutes early if you catch him restocking soap and paper towels in the restroom, or giving a person $5 gift card if you see someone cleaning and organizing the desk. It is also a good idea scheduling a cleaning party time by bringing in snacks and drinks, and play the latest dance music to keep the positive vibes around while you are all cleaning!

You can put up a basketball hoop above trashcans and recycle bins if your business uses a lot of paper products that must be thrown away or recycled which is an effective trick that has been practiced in the past. Usage of memes, or funny images from the internet with words or phrases on them, is also effective to encourage employees to clean. These are reminders to your employees about the importance of cleaning. Of course, if your company is growing, you may need to get the help of a professional cleaning service like Lowell Cleaning Services.

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