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5 Tips for Selecting the Right Vacation Rental

So you’ve chosen to rent a home or apartment for your next vacation or family vacation. Congratulations! But where should you begin? To make things easier, we’ve gathered some very helpful tips and resources online for finding and securing a good offer for your next holiday. Get started now and you’ll be on the right track to finding your dream bungalow, oceanfront villa, or house.

Consider your needs first

Renting a home is more economical than renting a hotel room, but note that houses don’t usually have all the facilities found in resorts. You might have to choose between–and splash out on extras like a pool, central location, or prime beach access.

Do your homework

One big fear about home rentals is arriving and discovering that the property isn’t like it was presented. To avoid this situation, take a look at the same house on many vacation rental websites–properties are normally listed on lots of sites, and sometimes with somewhat different photographs and descriptions. Next, check out the home on Google Street View to make sure the photos truly represent it.

Read reviews on the net

When you book your vacation rental through a reputable company, you’ll get access to client reviews online about all vacation rental homes. Be sure to carefully go through these reviews because you can discover lots of information on the vacation rental properties and how the house owners respond to consumer dissatisfaction. If you notice that a certain vacation rental has lots of bad reviews that haven’t been addressed by the owners, you should skip it.

Take a look at new listings

Although it’s wise to search vacation rentals with lots of good reviews, you may also miss out on new choices on the market as a result. These could be the best choices as well. You usually pay a bit less as the houses haven’t been booked by veteran renters yet. Additionally, if it’s a new home, it might also come with some new fixtures as well as furnishings. The secret lies in contacting the homeowner. If a property looks stunning online, and you’ve got a very happy and responsive owner, grab it.

Protect yourself

Always ask for an official lease agreement that stipulates all the vacation rental’s terms, which protect you as well as the owner in case something happens. Carefully go through the fine print–particularly the cancellation policy as it’s often stricter than that of hotels, and have a copy of the agreement on your trip. Note that it’s okay to make a payment upfront, but you could ask the owner to consider taking 50 percent of the deposit, and then pay up the rest just before you arrive.

The Essential Laws of Rentals Explained

The Essential Laws of Rentals Explained