H&M and IKEA link up on large-scale study within recycled textiles

The company is using a larger number of recycled materials in its products as one of the key elements in the group’s ambition to become 100% circular and renewable and said that “working strategically to reach our sustainability ambitions, using science and partnerships,” will help it get there.But it’s aware that simply diving into textiles recycling could cause problems of its own as “the chemical content of collected pre-owned textiles are unknown, so to ensure the safe reuse of materials in the circular system, we must ensure good chemical management.”

Its large-scale study with Ikea, looking at chemical content in post-consumer textile recycling, has been under way since last year, it has just said. “Recycled materials are key elements in a circular economy. …

US remains main market for Cambodian garments

After the meeting with the US ambassador in the Labour Ministry, Sam Heng told reporters on Wednesday that despite the increasing number of countries competing in the garment export business, the US was still the key buyer of Cambodian products.“The United States’ market is still very important for us. Although it is now the second biggest importing market after the European market, it is still big and worth billions of dollars. So we are still trying to work well with buyers from the United States and get them to place more orders to us,” Sam Heng said.

According to data from the US Trade Office, total exports to the US dipped about 3 per cent in the first quarter of the year to more than $706 million compared with $725 million in the same period last year.Cambodia’s Comm…

Popcornopolis Introduces New Popcornopolis Takis Fuego Popcorn

Popcornopolis Takis Fuego features a gourmet, non-GMO popcorn seasoned with a combination of hot chili pepper and lime flavors. The new offering is packaged in Popcornopolis’ iconic cones, with bright purple and red branding.

You can find Popcornopolis Takis Fuego online at popcornopolis.com as well as on shelves at retailers nationwide, including Walmart, Sam’s Club, 7-11, Target, HEB and Meier for a suggested price ranging from $4.98 to $5.99 per cone.

Popcornopolis Introduces New Popcornopolis Takis Fuego Popcorn

Image via Popcornopolis